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Attitude needs to change.

  • Attitude needs to change.

It’s Finals time and the mighty Red and Green have found out who they’re playing this weekend. Any team in The Top 8 aren’t easy beats and it’s fair to say we have a tough game on our hands. South Sydney will play The Cronulla Sharks on Sunday at Allianz Stadium in what is sure to get your hearts pumping.

George Burgess has been charged today for throwing a bottle at Kane Evans last Friday night. I have no doubt that whatever happens we can still do the job at hand. This week we need to have a good training session under our belts to be any chance of beating The Cronulla Sharks. Greg Inglis will return this weekend with a hope that South Sydney can take the next step to glory.

If you’re a South Sydney supporter there are very few excuses to stop you from going out to the game. There are certain attributes Souths need to bring back if they want to beat Cronulla and these are:

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Leadership- I haven’t noticed it for a while… in fact do we still have it? When Greg Inglis went down it seemed like we were lacking talk and leadership was not there. As soon as we started to lose our heads dropped and it was very difficult to pick it back up again. John Sutton has been our captain for quite some time in the past. To see him go down last week makes me realise how lucky were are that Greg Inglis is coming back this week. Adam Reynolds filled in as captain last week during the game when “ Sutto” went down and as much as I think he will be a leader in the future, I don’t believe he is ready just yet. When we come up against teams in The Finals we need someone who will be willing to direct us around the park. A captain needs to be someone who has experienced many Finals matches to lead from the front.

Structure/game plan- South Sydney has no doubt struggled to create any sort of threat in recent weeks. A very unusual situation for our club considering how well we did last year. The structures we had in place last year were at a top notch level that not many teams could cope with. Forwards worked a treat and then our backs knew they only had to put the ball over the line. This year we’ve really struggled to get a move on and that’s partially because of the loss of Sam Burgess and Ben Te’o. Our structures and the way we play really need to change. Unofrtunately whatever we’re doing now isn’t working and it needs to get fixed up ASAP.

It’s a tough ask to beat Cronulla, but with the clubs history of a Premiership last year we wouldn’t be too far away.

What things do Souths need to work on to get back to their best form?

Will Greg Inglis’ leadership help us out greatly?





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