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NRL community gets behind George Burgess

  • NRL community gets behind George Burgess

Corey Parker: "You see guys trip, headbutt, punch and nothing gets done but throw a water bottle at someone and you are better off clocking someone... It sets a precedent."

Paul Gallen: "Missing two games, semi-final games, is harsh but I don't think anyone can doubt that the incident itself was a little bit silly."

Paul Conlon (former NRL judiciary chairman): "There are some things which I have believed for a while might be better off taken care of by way of a fine rather than a suspension... In my view, this action is one of those."

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Andrew Johns: "(It was) an act of stupidity. What was he thinking? I don't think he should be suspended. I think a heavy fine (would be) fair... $20,000, $25,000 for that."

Billy Slater: "It's a stupid thing to do (but) he didn't hit him with the bottle. We don't condone that (but) I think a fine would be sufficient... You can throw a punch and get less."

Lote Tuqiri: "Absolute joke this contrary conduct charge laid on @burgessgeorge for throwing a bottle in frustration at an opposition players. #really #NRL"

Phil Gould: "George Burgess charge & potential suspension is greatest over-reaction I've ever seen. Reprimand him for being stupid & get on with the game."

High-profile lawyer Chris Murphy: "If you want to punish George Burgess fine him if he has done wrong. If you want to punish 1 million viewers & fans suspend him. #SPOILSIT"

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